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Waggy Walks 4 Dogs Pet Business Support



Are you a new Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or Home Boarding business?

Are you thinking of setting up soon and are not sure where to begin?


Are you struggling to get ready for your next Home Boarding or Day Care licence inspection? 

Are you finding it difficult to understand or interpret the DEFRA guidance for Home Boarding or Day Care?


Would you like a website to promote your business but don’t know where to start? Maybe I can help!

Dog Walker Wedding Attendance Form
Dog Walker Wedding Attendance Form

Pet Business Support, Registration Templates, Agreements, Advice, Website Design, Social Media Help

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Dog Home Boarding Templates
Dog Home Boarding Templates

Pet Business Support, Templates, Agreements, Advice, Website Design, Social Media Help

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Dog Home Boarder Procedure Manual
Dog Home Boarder Procedure Manual

Pet Business Support, Registration Templates, Agreements, Advice, Website Design, Social Media Help

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Dog Walker Wedding Attendance Form
Dog Walker Wedding Attendance Form

Pet Business Support, Registration Templates, Agreements, Advice, Website Design, Social Media Help

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Document extracts and examples

Pet Business Help and Advice
Help with study for Home Boarding qualifications

My name is Vicky and I run Waggy Walks Pet Business Support.  I run a successful Day Care and Home Boarding business that specialises in small and toy breeds.  I also offer walking and pet home visits for other animals.  Waggy Walks 4 Dogs has been trading for more than 4 years.

I have an OFQUAL recognised NCFE Level 3 qualification in Canine Behaviour and Psychology which I completed in 2016 with Distinction. 


I am experienced at writing essay-style answers for exam questions and correctly including research within the answers.  I have also completed observational studies in canine communication and am experienced in setting up such studies.

I have worked for 17 years in a licensed, inspected industry and led the government inspections during that time.  I have 15 years of managing service agreements and writing procedures and training manuals, and am also a qualified NVQ/NCFE Assessor.

If you would like some help in setting up your new pet services business, or would like to give your existing business a bit of a face-lift then please feel free to contact me.  I can also help you to start out on the right path if you have decided to take a qualification and are not sure where to begin.  Please contact me for a no obligation discussion and quote based on your needs.

Services and Prices



Response to Email Enquiries about Services: free of charge

General New Business Set Up Questions: £5 per 20 mins



Design / Redesign Website:  from £50 per page or section

Help to Set Up Facebook / Instagram Business Page: £15 per hour (or part of)

Online Forms

Convert your existing  (or newly purchased) paper or MS Word forms to e-forms: £15 per hour (or part of)

Please note that some e-form companies offer online hosting for a small number of forms free of charge, some charge a monthly fee.  Ongoing charges to an online host may be required.


Study Help

Start Your OFQUAL Approved Qualifications: £40 

Help with a Specific Question or Subject: £5 per 20 mins (or part of)








Purchase the full Home Boarding Pack for £45!

(47% off the individual purchase prices)  

Each item above can be purchased individually or as part of a group of items.  There is no minimum spend. 

Please note that the prices listed are per user, not per company.  If you have a multi-site business, please contact us for a customised quote. 

Commercial  Day Care  documents are available on request.  Please contact us for more details or a personalised quote.

Payment may be made by Bank Transfer , Cash or Cheque. 

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Home Boarding Operating Procedures

ADB Members

Discounts are available

Please contact us quoting your

membership number

Help with DEFRA Day Care Guidance


Key Needs and Information:

Waggy Walks 4 Dogs Pet Business Support offer services under the terms of a binding Service Agreement.  50% of service quote is required in advance of the commencement of work and is non-refundable.

I don’t even know what I need to know!  Where do I start?

I would suggest booking a call to talk about what you are planning to do so that we can decide together if I can help you or not. 

Here is some FREE advice.  Write a business plan.  Business plans can feel unnecessary when you are starting up, and it’s just Dog Walking right?  Wrong.  They are an invaluable tool that helps you to decide which services you want to offer, how much to charge and how much you need to earn each day in order to 1) stay afloat, and 2) earn a profit.  Think about which service will be your strongest offering, and which will be ‘side lines’.  Think about what you can offer that makes you different to your local competition.  You need to set yourself apart, especially if your area has a lot of pet businesses already.  A business plan can help you to think all these things through and start off on a strong footing.  It will also help you to decide if you can afford platforms such as a website straight away... do all your local competitors have one?  Once you have some notes down in writing about what you want to do, and how you want to specialise... you are ready to get in touch!


Can this all be covered on the telephone?

Yes.  Some things are easier face to face, but as long as you have the ability to send photos, logos and text by email it is completely possible.  If files are a little big a file sharing portal such as Drop Box can be used.

What if I don't like the forms that you make?

Design is completely subjective, and although every effort is made to understand your needs before starting a task, sometimes things need a little adjustment.  Adjustments will be made within the price of the quote wherever possible and reasonable, however it may on occasion be necessary to charge a little extra.  Your consent is needed in writing before any adjustments are made that would incur additional cost.

What if my Council want something changed in a document during an inspection and I have already paid you?

2019 is going to be a tough year for Council Inspectors and businesses alike.  In the event that you are advised to make minor changes to your forms and documents during an inspection, let me know and I will make the adjustments for you free of charge.  New documents however, would be chargeable.

Are these documents tried and tested ?

Yes.  They have been successfully passed inspection (at a 5* star rating) in Bracknell Forest, Rushmoor, West Berkshire and several other boroughs. 

Will you look after my website for me?

The intention is that I design or redesign your website based on your specifications, and it is then handed back to you to be looked after going forwards.  You can ask for some basic training on looking after your website as a paid service, but if you are ordering a website with 5 or more pages (or sections) the basic training will be free.  If however you needed a significant change and do not feel confident to do that, we can discuss a price for the changes as a one-off piece of work.

Can you design logos?

Not professionally.  I am a canine business specialist and trainer, and I do not have access to a vector design package.  There are some good logo design businesses around however, and I am happy to help you to find one.  Once you have your logo however, I can apply it to your documents for you.

Can I buy everything that I need in a package?

Yes, if you wish.  Setting up a new business can be costly.  As well as the administration set up, there are vehicles, insurance, walking permits, licence charges, equipment and changes to property to consider.  Everything that you need is supplied in  a pack or  as a separate service so that you can start with the bare essentials and add extra items as you need them.   The pack is usually a little cheaper than buying all the items individually.  If you have a range of needs, please feel free to contact us for a personalised quote.

How can you help me with my training course?

​If you need help to find a course that meets a specific set of requirements I can help you to find a reputable company to purchase from.  You may not have studied for a while, I can help you prepare to get started and show you how to structure an essay, research answers using the internet and cite book and internet sources in an acceptable way for a professional qualification.  I have many years experience working as a business coach and also as a classroom trainer so I am also able to help you find the right path if you are stuck on a particular question or subject – but I won’t give you the answers, you have to study!

Still not sure?  Send us a message with your questions!


Thanks! Message sent.

◦  Your personal data is safe with us, we wont share it or sell it to other parties.  

“This service has been an absolute life saver. I wasn’t sure to start with but having all the forms ready at my inspection and my inspector being impressed made it worth every penny. It’s just an exceptional service. I’d highly recommend this to everyone in the home boarding industry. ”

MW, Mortimer

“Vicky helped me to write my operating procedures by providing a template to complete, and marked where the new guidance needed to be added in my existing registration documents and forms.  Would recommend.” NDP, Farnborough

"Vicky helped me to set up my website a couple of years ago and to develop a branded theme for the business.  I have since made changes to the design (as business does not stay still) but I was very happy with the work!  It gave me a good starting point from which to build.  I have also used Vicky for my booking forms, registration forms and client contract.  I would not have known where to start with them myself, and they look very professional.  I will definitely use the services again if my business changes or grows." TO, Chertsey

"Although I have been running a company for four years, I felt it was time for a revamp of the website, unfortunately time and personal life was making it difficult to do.  I contacted a few people but everybody was finding it hard to understand the pet service world so half the time I was explaining rather than getting anything done.  Vicky is professional, informative and conscientious in the work she does.  Thanks Vicky for taking the pressure off of me and making life so much easier."   

VI, Farnborough

“I just received my boarding license after inspection and I got a 5 star rating.  So pleased! Massive thanks goes to Vicky Williams for getting all my procedures in place.  I couldn’t have done it without your input."  SK, Sandhurst  

“Thank you so much for the paperwork.  Our inspector has given us 4 stars due to being a new business and said that we are 5 stars but cannot give that to us as this stage."  VV, Romford

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