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Dog Walking for Smaller Breeds

Waggy Walks 4 Dogs offers a safe, reliable service to ensure your dog receives daily exercise, stimulation and socialisation.  Our dog walking service is available to help you on the days where you need an extra helping hand. 


Dog Walkers try to walk doggy friends together so that your dog can be sure to have a fun and interactive walk.  Subject to your preferences, dogs can be walked either on their own or in a small social group if you wish; please let us know your needs and we will do our best to help. 

Group walks last around 60 minutes plus a little bit of travel time.  On wet and muddy days all dogs are towel dried before return.  Shorter walks (older dogs and puppies) are listed on our Dog Home Visits page.

All dogs remain on the lead until their recall is confirmed as adequate. Your dog will never be walked off lead without your previous agreement and written consent.  Waggy Walks 4 Dogs are fully insured to walk, transport and care for your dog as well as look after your keys. 

Please contact us to arrange a consultation meeting with you and your dog to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Walking Rates

Price per day / per adult dog:


Group Weekdays: £16.00

Solo Weekdays: £25.00

Weekends: +50%

Puppies under 6 months are not suited to full length group walks. 

Please contact us to discuss a customised arrangement. 

Dog walking services are available between 8:30am and 1:00pm and are subject to availability.  Bookings are taken on a first come / first served basis.  


Dogs are placed on a daily walk that is most suited to their ability and training level, so that dogs with similar exercise needs are walked together.  This means that your dog may not be walked at the same time each day.



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