Dog Day Care FAQs

Are all dogs suitable for Day Care?

Many, but not all dogs are suited to Day Care.  Day Care is only suitable for friendly, family pets.  We are happy to accept most breeds as long as they are well behaved, non-destructive, and non-aggressive and have a calm and gentle nature.  Dogs that exhibit poor behaviour are not suitable for Day Care.  Examples of poor behaviour are marking in the house, excessive barking, strong pulling on the lead, or jumping up at strangers when out walking.


We are not able to accept dogs that chew furniture, household items or items belonging to other dogs that are visiting (items such as bedding, blankets and leads).  If your dog causes any damage to our home, costs must be reimbursed when you collect your dog.


We are also not able to accept dogs who cannot be left alone for short periods in the event of an emergency.  Dogs that bark when left alone are not suited to our service.  Dogs must have basic crate training as we use crates in our vehicle.


More specifically to our business, your dog needs to be happy in the company of our dogs for the day.  It is particularly important that all dogs meet up for an introduction period prior to booking confirmation and see how they all get on.  If you are unsure about your dog's suitability, please Contact Us to discuss your dog's particular habits or needs and we will do our very best to help you place your dog.

Does my dog need to be wormed and treated for flea prevention?

Yes, for the same reasons that vaccinations are important.  Your dog will be in contact with our dogs, other family dogs and the dogs that they meet whilst out on walks with us.


It is your responsibility to ensure your pet is free of fleas. If fleas are present, we shall treat your pet and charge you for any expense incurred when you come to collect your dog.  In addition to the treatment for your pet, the expenses may also include the process of removing fleas from our home.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. Your dog will be in contact with our dogs, other family dogs and the dogs that they meet whilst out on walks with us.  For general wellbeing, it is important that your dog should always have its annual vaccinations to protect against infections and disease, and should also have Kennel Cough vaccination which has to be requested in most veterinary practices.  Titer testing results are accepted for Distepmer, Parvovirus and Hepatitis, however vaccinations for Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza (Kennel Cough) are required annually.


A vaccination certificate must be shown to us prior to booking your first Day Care appointment.

Do you take dogs with special needs?

Puppies under 12 months are more than welcome as long as they are reasonably house trained and crate trained (we understand that puppies go through forgetful stages during development).  If puppies are not yet able to be left alone in the house, we can make arrangements for someone to be with your puppy continually, but this will incur an additional daily fee (£5 per day) in addition to the standard puppy rate.


Senior dogs are welcome.  We understand that senior dogs can have limitations and special needs and we will do our best to help accommodate your dog in any way possible.


Unneutered adults are not always suitable for home boarding, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We have several un-neutered boys and girls in our client list, however there are some additional considerations.  We are not able to accept unneutered bitches whilst in season, and in the event that they come into season unexpectedly we will need an emergency contact to come and pick them up while you are away.  We cannot accept unneutered dogs or bitches that mark in the house.

What will I need to provide for my dog?

Pack all the things that you would supply you were leaving your dog with a friend or neighbour for the day. Key items are: food, treats, a clean bed and blanket, leads and harnesses, a coat, a toy - and anything else to make your dog’s stay comfortable and familiar.  We do not walk dogs on extending / retractable leads, so please make sure that you provide a regular lead.


Please note that we often have to do some back to basics training with your dog, as our rules and routines may be a little different to yours at home - so please make sure that you pack training reward treats.


Special dietary needs are not a problem.  If your dog eats raw or fresh meat, you will need to prepare this and provide it in individual freezer bags which can be given at the appropriate times.  We suggest that you provide instructions on what food or medication should be given and when, and talk this through with us at the introductory meeting.


We are happy to try and provide anything that you might have forgotten, but please remember to reimburse us when you collect your dog.

Can you give my dog their medication?

We are happy to look after dogs on medication.  Please ensure that you provide enough medicine for the day.  If you use a special technique to administer medicine, please discuss this with us.

Does the time that I leave or collect my dog affect the cost?

A day is the period 7:30am–6:00pm.  You may drop-off and collect your dog at any time within this period, please agree a time for drop-off and collection when you make the booking.  Group walks take place during the morning which means that there are limited periods when you can drop your dog off.  Preferred drop off times is between 7:30am-9:00am.

This period may be adjusted or extended an additional charge – please Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and we will do our best to help you.

When is the fee paid for my booking?

When accepted as a Day Care client, you will agree to be categorised as 'Regular' or 'Bespoke'.  Regular clients set their days for the coming month and pay the full months charges on the first day of service within that month.  Bespoke clients request bookings as they require them (subject to availability) and pay 50% deposit within 3 days of booking - and the rest on the first date of service.


Please see our Booking Information page for details.

What happens if I cannot pick up my dog as planned?

We understand that delays happen, particularly if you are travelling home from an event.  Please be assured that as long as you call and let us know the situation, we will take care of your dog until you are safely home.


There will be an additional charge for the extra time that your dog stays with us.  Collection between 6:00pm and 8:00pm is charged at an extra £5, and after 8:00pm your dog will be transferred to Home Boarding (with a minimum charge of £50 for 2 days).  Please note that if Waggy Walks 4 Dogs already have Home Boarding dogs on the premises, switching to an overnight stay may not be possible.

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Dog Walker Farnborough, Small Dog Day Care Cove, Small Dog Boarding Berkshire, Small Dog Walker Farnborough, Small Dog Day Care
Dog Walker Farnborough, Small Dog Day Care Cove, Small Dog Boarding Berkshire, Small Dog Walker Farnborough, Small Dog Day Care
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