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Dog Day Care for Smaller Breeds

Do you need to go out for the day and your dog cannot go with you?


If you are going to be out (or very busy) all day, why not consider day care?

At Waggy Walks 4 Dogs, day care is not kennel-based. Your dog will stay with us for the day in a loving home.


Day care includes at least one hour long walk or 2 shorter walks (free of charge) and all the fuss and attention that your dog requires through the day.   When you return home you will know that your dog has had a fun and busy day in the company of our own dogs, and the fuss and social interaction that they need from their Carer.
Day care places are strictly limited so please do not leave your booking until the last minute!   If your dog has not been to day care, it may be a good idea to have a trial run before you go for the day, to check that your dog is suited to the service.  A trial run will help your peace of mind, and will allow you to relax while you are away for the day.

Boarding Licence: 18/00826/AWRHOM

Day Care Rates


Price per day / per neutered adult dog (over 12 months):


Weekdays: £25.00


​​Puppies under 12 months:        +£5.00 per day

Intact adults over 12 months    +£5.00 per day

Weekends:                                  +£10.00 per day (where available)

Day Care operates from 07:30am - 6:00pm. 

Drop off and collection is by appointment only.

Other Information

A day is the period 7:30am–6:00pm.  Last collection is 5:45pm.  


Please note that Day Care is only suitable for dogs that are comfortable in the company of other dogs, and that settle easily in a home environment.  Dogs that chew household items,  bark excessively or mark in the house are sadly not suited to day care.

Earliest drop off is 7:30am and latest pick up is 5:45pm.  Group walks run through the morning and during these periods there is no-one available to receive your dog.  Preferred drop off time is 7:30am-08:15am however other times may be available by prior arrangement. 

Note that weekend day care is only available on an occasional / infrequent basis for customers who use our regular day care service.  Weekend day care is not available as a regular or scheduled arrangement. 


Please note that we do not offer a collection / drop off service for day care.

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